My wife and I got married in June 2007 and 1 week later, we moved abroad to practice Chiropractic in Singapore.

I worked in a variety of settings, ultimately opening my own practice in 2011.

In 2012, we welcomed our son Dylan, and I shifted my focusĀ  to spending more time at home than in the office.

After 10 years in Singapore, we decided to move back to California and raise our son in my hometown, Santa Monica.

In July 2017, we started our practice, The Chiropractic Movement, with an emphasis on improving health through a variety of movements, mainly the chiropractic adjustment, to empower the community at large.

As our son just started Kindergarten, we realised our passion for kids had grown exponentially with our move home.

Coupled with the fact that many kids were experiencing various types of learning challenges and developmental issues, we focused our attention to educating parents about the hidden stressors that were causing serious growth problems.

Over the last few months, our passion has been providing in house workshops so parents could learn how their child’s body really works, and what can be done to keep them as healthy as possible.


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