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The Mission of Grimes Family Chiropractic is to release the inborn healing potential of the body by removing interference (subluxations) between the brain and the body as they communicate through or over the nervous system. We not only provide care for the patient with symptoms, but also for the patient wanting to experience optimum health by having their body functioning at its maximum potential.

The Gonstead Technique

Gonstead represents the ultimate standard in “hands-on” spinal adjusting, and remains a leader in the chiropractic techniques. This technique supports the belief that there is no substitute for analyzing or correcting spinal misalignments other than the skilled hands of a trained professional.

Dr. Grimes is one of two chiropractors in Las Vegas who specializes in the Gonstead Technique.  With over 300 hours of post graduate training in the Gonstead method, Dr. Grimes has treated thousands of patients over his seventeen year career using the specificity of the Gonstead technique to adjust families of all ages. The youngest patient Dr. Grimes has ever adjusted was 6 hours old and the oldest was 95 years of age.

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